Letters of Tudor Richards
date TR's notes* scan transcription
1943.01.04 HHR&JCR At Lee Field, south of Jacksonville. Meeting Frank Chapman at Royal Palm State Park, now part of Everglades National Park. Then driving north to the Jacksonville area again. Usher at a wedding. pdf html
1943.01.10 Jacksonville HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.01.28 HHR&JCR Evidently the reference is to LER's death. Quite a bit re local trees. pdf html
1943.02.05 HHR&JCR Long bicycle trip, partly after dark. Forest fires described. pdf html
1943.02.06 JR2 pdf html
1943.02.16 JCR pdf html
1943.02.17 HHR Reading A Florida Sketchbook by Bradford Torrey while riding in the back seat of a plane. pdf html
1943.02.23 HHR&JCR Carolina wren playing with a large insect; 2 others playing with each other—long description. pdf html
1943.03.04 HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.03.09 Daytona HHR&JCR Operational training starting in SBDs at Daytona. pdf html
1943.03.17 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.03.30 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.04.12 Daytona HHR&JCR Paper nautilus found. pdf html
1943.04.22 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.04.28 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.05.02 Hotel Sherman, Chicago, IL HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.05.09 The Blackstone, Chicago, IL HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.05.18 Glenview HHR&JCR Field carrier landings; track meet; visit to Ann Arbor. pdf html
1943.05.23 Glenview HHR&JCR Field Museum; Gondoliers; 14 ?? warblers; first carrier landing coming up. pdf html
1943.06.20 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.07.02 Daytona HHR&JCR Full-fledged assistant instructor. pdf html
1943.07.14 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.07.30 HHR&JCR Mentions shell collecting on bike ride. pdf html
1943.08.10 HHR&JCR Describes fatalities. pdf html
1943.08.25 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.09.09 Daytona HHR&JCR Comments on European Theatre (of War). Squam imagined. Shell collecting. Good letter. pdf html
1943.09.20 HHR&JCR Instrument flying. Trip to Key West. pdf html
1943.10.02 Daytona HHR&JCR Good bike trip. Manatees. pdf html
1943.10.13 Daytona HHR&JCR Good trip to Clearwater, on west coast. Good birds & shells. pdf html
1943.10.27 Daytona HHR&JCR Another good trip. Oyster Catchers & Sandhill Cranes. pdf html
1943.11.04 Daytona HHR&JCR Describes duties connected with flying. WAC dance. pdf html
1943.11.15 Daytona HHR&JCR Letter follows ferry trip to Quonset, RI and train home from the former. Returned south in a group. pdf html
1943.11.29 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.12.12 Daytona HHR&JCR Russ Keller mentioned. Trip to Sanibel too briefly described. pdf html
1943.12.23 Daytona HHR&JCR pdf html
1943.12.29 Daytona HHR&JCR Busy Christmas week-end described. pdf html


Jacksonville U.S. Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL
Daytona U.S. Naval Air Station, Daytona Beach, FL

Key to letters’ recipients

relationship to TR
HHR Henry Howe Richards 1876–1968 father
JCR Julia (Coolidge) Richards 1889–1961 mother
JR2 John Richards II 1932–2013 brother

TR’s notes

These notes are a combination of