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TR's notes* scan transcription
1945.01.01 Guam HHR&JCR Mention of mammal skull collection at home & esp. natural history observations on Guam. pdf html
1945.01.08 Guam HHR&JCR On Guam (but no info re same). Mentions Christmas presents, softball games, etc. pdf html
1945.01.22 HHR&JCR Nothing much—conventional. pdf html
1945.02.06 USS Hornet HHR&JCR At sea again, but for the first time on Hornet, CV12, ready for combat. Not uninteresting, re comrades & comments about the War’s 2 fronts & my aircrewman Leland Ives Jr. pdf html
1945.02.22 USS Hornet HHR&JCR A week after first combat, described in a later letter. This mentions “flying foxes” and white terns (seen at Ulithi, in the Carolines, an atoll large enough for the fleet anchorage). “Liberty” (time off) was at Mog Mog, an islet. pdf html
1945.03.05 USS Hornet HHR&JCR Much about books, greetings from friends, etc. pdf html
1945.03.13 USS Hornet HHR&JCR More of same. pdf html
1945.03.25 USS Hornet HHR&JCR First letter about Hawaii, Guam, and T.R.’s first combat mission—to an airfield south of Tokyo instead of Yokosuka (from which we were diverted, supposedly because of poor weather). (By then allowed to mention places visited a month or more before.) pdf html
1945.04.01 USS Hornet HHR&JCR Reminiscences about Hooded Mergansers, etc. Life aboard ship, description of cabin, room mates, etc. Also books read. pdf html
1945.04.11 USS Hornet HHR&JCR More about aboard ship, but also conversational (comments on letters, etc.). pdf html
1945.04.18 USS Hornet HHR&JCR Similar. pdf html
1945.04.28 USS Hornet HHR&JCR Describes a Paradise Flycatcher, then unidentified, which landed on the ship, and a "Barn" Swallow. pdf html
1945.05.07 USS Hornet HHR&JCR Describes Okinawa, Iwo, and other islands & islets, including looking at coral fishes at Mog Mog. pdf html
1945.05.28 USS Hornet HHR&JCR Describes a typical mission from take-off to landing (except for the details of an actual attack, target, etc.). Much discussion about war ending, going home, etc. pdf html
1945.06.06 USS Hornet HHR&JCR Yamato attack in some detail; books read. pdf html
1945.06.19 USS Hornet MHC Describes Hawaii, Guam, Honshu, Mt. Fuji-yama, Kyush. pdf  
1945.09.06 San Francisco Bay area HHR&JCR   pdf html
1995.02.01 Concord, NH HR [Describes the situation in which TR found himself during the kamikaze attack on the Hornet depicted in the well-known Shepler painting] pdf html


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Key to letters’ recipients

relationship to TR
HHR Henry Howe Richards 1876–1968 father
JCR Julia (Coolidge) Richards 1889–1961 mother
MHC Mary Hill Coolidge (Mrs. J. Randolph Coolidge) 1862–1952 maternal grandmother
HR Hamilton Richards 1913–1998 brother

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