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March 7, 1942

Dear Folks,

A second class cadet greets you. The step up is more a step along than up because our extra privilege, Wednesday night liberty, which in all likelihood we won’t feel like taking most week-ends, does not make up for the spoiling of weekends. We now have four hours of ground school daily instead of eight. Phil flies at Cecil Field, about fifteen miles to the west, while I fly at Lee Field about twenty miles south upstream along the river (rare for a large river—3 mi. or so wide in places—to flow thus). These subsidiary fields, which are in turn surrounded by lesser fields, are for all the primary flying, first in planes nearly identical to those at Squantum then for a much shorter period in little Ryan low wing monoplanes. These two main outlying fields are each much larger than that at Squantum and I guess larger than Atlanta. We should have flown to-day had it not been so very windy.

March 10

Last weekend I had to stay at the Innlet all alone because Phil had a make-up exam Sunday morning. Again I played 27 holes, 18 in a foursome with fellows from Flight 67 in which I was high man with a 58—then low man with a 47 (not too bad for the second golf of the season on a 2 ⨉ 36 par course). The third nine was with Don Watson and another H alumnus, who didn’t play well at all, my 56 probably being the lowest score.

Every day now, except an occasional rainy one, will have practically no extra time. At the flying fields we have to stand many watches and take three hours of code weekly. We get back just in tme to eat before study hour, though next week we’ll fly mornings, next P.M.’s, etc. Ground school now.



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