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Aug. 2, 1942

Dear Folks,

I have some rather sad news to relate, namely that after all I’m apparently not going to get any leave at least for a while, but am going to stay here for some special advanced training after being commissioned along with a group, of course. According to all available information such should take about six weeks so perhaps I’ll still be able to get home in two months or so. The boys I’m really sorry for are those in our group getting commissioned next Tuesday, especially those planning to get married, whom the new ruling apparently applies to. To say I’m terribly disappointed about the whole thing would be making a ridiculous understatement, but there’s obviously nothing one can do about it. Looking at the brighter side of things, perhaps after all I’ll be able to see Nance if her training doesn’t last the full three months or mine isn’t over too soon. The training will, I gather, still be in seaplanes. Once having specialized in them does not necessarily mean nothing but seaplanes, but with training in a comparatively small plane of one motor it is not likely that one would ever get shifted to anything in the Catalina or bomber (of two or four engines) class. One could for instance still get carrier duty, but only after carrier training. Well, what it all comes down to now is that getting commissioned doesn’t necessarily mean so much, but just the same there are those who go straight into active duty.

Nance may be located in comparatively dull country, but at least it’s in as rich farming country as one is likely to come across in the U.S., which should mean good food, and I gather that it is good from a rather delightful letter. I’ll wager too that Des Moines has at least as much to offer as Jacksonville (not counting the beaches).

I got a letter from Jan, which apparently crossed with one of mine, and speaking of letters, one from Johnny Sabine I got earlier was pleasingly cheerful and normal, which leads me to believe that life on the farm is doing him good.

It’s nothing surprising that Phil Field joined the Marines. We were all given a chance to apply for them some months ago, and many of the boys did and were accepted. After all the Marines are part of the Navy (under the Navy Dept.).

I’m still flying navigation hops. We were to get through yesterday but misjudged the wind’s strength hence came out way off and got a “down.” Two instrument hops and then gunnery, dive bombing, etc. next.

Well, love to all


P.S. Sundays off now, so no more irregular days off. This time I didn’t go to the beach because of fatigue from three nights in a row of night flying (exciting).

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