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Aug. 24–25, 1942

Dear Folks,

Thanks for letters and telegram. The latter arrived Wednesday, the day I finished flying, so it was not untimely. Most of Thursday was spent checking out, which consisted of turning equipment, etc., back to various departments (getting one’s slate clean). More red tape as well as oath, witnessed by the Captain, and handshake with same, then checking in to the station as if one had just arrived—all on Friday. Leaving the station the first time as an officer I forgot my wallet (containing necessary identification) and had to go back for it. In my haste on the return trip I accepted a ride joyfully and went right through the gate forgetting my week-end bag left there a few minutes before—all most embarassing! A nice dinner party at Harriet Gibbs’ (Vassar girl), which, however, combined with trip to local beer joint with the two others, her house guest and an Army Air Corps lieutenant, made the evening last too late for me to get a bus to the beach until the next day, especially with bag left behind. Stag to the dance at Ponte Vedra—especially nice with more than the usual two or three young lady acquaintances. Bird trip to Mayport marshes yielded interesting shore and marsh birds. A little red-head from R.I. and Vassar, who knows Pat and Mary, combined with moonlight and a little song with the boys made last night very pleasant, the one hitch being that above-mentioned red-head is engaged to a cadet and leaving shortly anyway. I may say she made most of my local girl friends suffer in comparison.

That’s great news about Ham—at last! Shouldn’t be surprised if his salary doubled more than once before many months are past—not that that is as important as having the job likeable, in an essential industry and compensating enough to carry his family along.

Thanks for tree measurements, Pa, though they’re a little disappointing. One can’t expect much, however, in that soil and with considerable shade in some cases.

See “Mrs. Miniver” and read “Fantastic Forest” in current Sat Eve. Post if possible.

The advanced training program is a little slow getting underway for us because one of our foursome, which will continue, only in four planes instead of two, with enlisted men radiomen, got a week’s leave (parents getting divorced), and another got three days (brother, a squadron commander at Pensacola, going to sea), but we won’t wait for the first man. I haven’t seen my radioman yet, but since he will stay with me throughout the two months or so (more likely than six weeks) of training, I hope he’ll prove to be good. Only a seaman second class, he’ll probably take some breaking in. Though we will in this training be continuing to train ourselves, especially for duty with battleships or cruisers, there is no telling, as I see it, whether we’ll get it or something else. With new develoments arising all the time, the Navy will use us where it wants us at the particular time we’re ready to go.

It’s pretty nice now not having to go to bed at any particular time and being able to get up later. Every evening is free if one wants it, and for a while anyway we’ll mostly go out frequently, some every night. Personally I need sleep!

Love to All


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