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April 12, ’43

Dear Folks,

As yet I have nothing much new to contribute to the rather large amount of family news—Henry’s promotion, Ham’s visit, Nance’s secretive movements, etc., but I have finished the course here, and a good one it was. It looks like Chicago and the Wolverine after all before I become a full-fledged assistant instructor, but my new orders, which should soon be in, alone will tell the story. Until then I’ll probably continue doing odd jobs such as ferry trips to and from Jax, test hops, photographic hops (as piloting an SBD used as subject of training movie), etc., as in the last few days, but the orders should be in in a day or two.

No news from Nance yet. If she did get to Orlando, that would be nice, though unfortunately there’s no direct railroad between here and there.

Good for the Red Cross Drive, but that’s tough about the cook situation. In all events, Ma, don’t overdo it or even risk going quite to what you think is your limit.

Gamidy’s check arrived, Pa, and will probably turn into a War Bond.

The best in the natural history line within the last week or so is the finding of an only slightly broken paper nautilus shell 5 ⨉ 3สบ by the inlet south of here. The creatures themselves resemble and are closely related to octopuses, so says ‘Uncle’ Noah, but only the female has a shell.

That’s about all of likely interest to date.



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