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The Blackstone

May 9, 1943

Dear Folks,

Another week goes by with little to report from N.A.S. Glenview. I’ve had just one hop so far—field carrier landings, which we have to check out in again before attempting to qualify on the real carrier, and that one hop, unfortunately, was not enough. The number of fellows ahead of us in line has, however, been cut down considerably, and it’s still quite possible to finish up this coming week. The three determining factors, that is the three most important, are the time it takes me to get over a heavy cold I’m grounded because of, the remaining time it takes to check out of field carrier landings, and the weather. This last is important, a fairly stromg wind always being needed for landings aboard the “Wolverine”—because of its own insufficient speed. So I can’t yet wire Nance, though it looks like the end of next week at the earliest.

Thanks for the chocolates, Ma, which caught up with me here or rather at Glenview. Garbler and I came in last night because of a day off to-day. Spent an interesting two hours at the Field Museum then saw that fine Noel Coward movie “In Which We Serve”



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