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July 2, ’43

Dear Folks,

Correspondence has not been my middle name lately, as you are well aware of. For one thing I’ve had longer working days and also got behind on books due back at the library, “Kitty Foyle” and “Look to the Mountain,” now both finished, enjoyably. The latter is a good story, but I was a little disappointed at the meagre description of that part of the canoe trip, by far the most beautiful, that went through Squam. Perhaps LeG. has never been out on the lake. “Kitty Foyle” is an interesting comparison to “A Tree Grown Straight,” don’t you think, Pa? I agree though that sex plays too dominant a part in the latter, but remember that you and your best friends, Pa, were no more average young men than my friends and I are. If I didn’t find that out before, I’ve certainly found it out since joining the Navy—not to imply that we’re anything except the products of a background not quite typical of the U.S. as a whole, if there is any such thing as typical.

Perhaps the change of name of the Wacs will help recruiting. If she’d only get sent down here, meaning it would be nice for me. It’s hardly the most desirable place to summer. The proximity of the finest of ocean beaches is, however, cheering, at least psychologically. I see it every day—from the air—but have been in the ocean once since returning. It usually would mean bus rides or bike rides both ways, the latter sweaty both ways, yet I shall do it every so often.

Our squadron is coming along, the boys having got into SBDs this week (the first part of the course is in SNJs). Soon we’ll be dive bombing like everything. All instructors now give considerable dual instruction—in instrument flying (in SNJs), now also part of the course, the student flying under a hood and in the rear cockpit.

Except for days off my entertainment has been almost wholly in books, maps, magazines in my own room—nice for a change. This evening Lt. Bentley (my boss) and I are, however, headed for the movies.

Last Sunday (day off) I went to Jax to see Dave Kersting, and we had a pleasant time driving out to Fort George (just north of St. John’s mouth) and back. I also called at the Paynes’ and Gibbses’ as well as at Dane’s 17 year old girls. To Vero tomorrow.

Love to all


P.S. I’ll miss Woolly, esp. next time home.

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