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U. S. Naval Air Station
Daytona Beach

Dec. 23, 1943

Dear Folks, and All,

It seems unlikely that this will reach Groton by Christmas, but I’ll be thinking of you-all then even if I do have to fly. The Admiral says there is to be flying on Christmas, so the latest squadrons to form, mine included, were picked for the privilege. Though it means turning down two Christmas dinner invitations instead of one (Gibbses and Paynes in Jax), it will make it very convenient for me to go to the Spinsters dance Sat. night in Jax since we who don’t get Christmas off do get Sunday off. The Spinsters is, I gather, something like the Vincent Club. At any rate all the nice “post-debs” belong. Here at B.O.Q. there is to be some kind of a Christmas Eve party and of course a Christmas dinner the next day for everyone whether they fly or not.

Yesterday came a Christmas card from Henry, giving his address, so I was able to send his present right along. Just the same it will probably arrive late, which won’t matter too much, as it’s a book, Lincoln’s latest, which he may very likely have—which reminds me that my Joy’s Lane presents are mostly books (last resort) sent last Sat. night, probably to be late and also likely to be duplicates or to have been read (the trouble with books).

Hearing about the skating makes me green. It would be swell if Ham especially got some on Christmas. At least our weather is improving, by getting warmer. Since we can’t have skating or snow, I’d just as soon have it mild.

Too bad about the ears, noses, etc. I got over my cold in good season only to catch another a little later—fortunately a very rare experience with me. Again it’s only a mild nuisance. Perhaps a cocktail party this afternoon, to which I’m actually invited (local invitations, except the weekly ones to everybody from the Wacs, come about every six months for me), will be the final cure. It is rumored, incidentally, that one of young ladies, which probably means all three of those Russ Keller and myself and another guy if we can persuade him to come along, is all of seventeen years old!

Ever read “The Purple Land,” Hudson’s first book? I find it delightfully different as well as absorbingly interesting. I finished Dr. Barbour’s book long ago. Yes, Ma, I should like to write one like it only a little different some day.

I rather expect to check out in (have a first hop in) an SB2A (Brewster Buccaneer) in a day or two. Almost as big as a TBF and with the same 1700 h.p. engine it of course dwarfs an SBD and is much faster. Later I may get a chance to fly an F6F (Hellcat), which has 2000 h.p. and is also considerably larger than an SBD. It is, however, said to be very easy to fly, so don’t get anxious.

Love to All


P.S. It’s always possible to get orders, but now seems unlikely for a while yet. Yes, Sue is also at Jax.



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