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Jan. 26, 1944

Dear Folks,

Compared with Henry and his about to be lost teeth (how come?) I have been well off. In spite of having had “cat fever” I had no fever, but it is rather annoying to find myself with a sore throat just when only too willing to get in good shape again. Fortunately the weather has been warmer, but it still remains to get really nice. Again in January there have been signs of spring. The red maple buds, which have been markedly red for a couple of weeks or so, already bursting.

Early last week I went to Jacksonville to a Pinza concert, which was naturally very enjoyable, though in my estimation Ezio is not the equal of Kipnis, at least as a concert artist. About the only other news is that the Wacs have gone, but our first Waves, the officers, have arrived. I forgot to mention that I moved some time ago to another room - an upstairs corner job with private “head” (bathroom) — with shower. It really is “ the nuts.”

The Quarterly arrived yesterday, Pa. How many lieutenants j.g. are there from the class of ’34? Seems most everyone is one!

Mary wrote me that she and Bobby were “coming” to Pensacola and in as nice words as possible said in effect would I get them a house (really just look around), for some reason thinking I was there. A batchelor has advantages.

Tell Jack that I’ll write to him sometime and tell him about various planes. The Hellcat I thought I might fly didn’t stay here more than a few days, so flying one, at least for a while, would just be wishful thinking. All agree that it is a superb plane. We still have the less interesting SB2A, which I’ll get around to flying when I’m feeling fine and don’t have too heavy a schedule. I rather expect “Orders” in early March, very likely minus leave, but I’m hoping.

P.S. File no. just for your information, not for address.

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