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Dear Folks,

Hope you got back all right. As might have been expected, by the time I called the hotel you had left. I was almost able to see you off at the station, but not quite. The pyjamas arrived OK. Thanks!

It certainly was great to have you down, not only to see you but have you see the typical naval air station and its environs, which is both my “office” and my “home” so to speak.

On his return from Washington Mr. Embree could not give us complete assurance that hoped-for arrangements would go through. but seemed to think from what he heard that they pretty surely would.

You missed a very rainy spell over the week-end, which, however didn’t spoil our night flying Sunday night, and now that we’ve had two more good nights, we haven’t much more to do.

I’ve been fighting with my income tax and find that despite the fact my ‘43 income minus $1500 is less than my ‘42, I still owe the govt. about fifty bucks.

Except that an army Curtiss Helldiver came in the other day piloted by a Wasp, there is no particular news.



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