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Dear Folks,

Once again I write from the Grays, having spent last night here and expecting to spend tonight here as well. Our working day doesn’t begin now until 9, but if one has a late hop, as is the case about every other day, it lasts until after 7 PM. We continue to get Fri., Sat. or Sun. off, that is, speaking of our third of the squadron, the same thing being true, however, says he, getting unnecessarily involved, of the remainder, the practice being, in short, that each third gets a different day each week, but changes from week to week (next Sun., the 23rd for us)!

The fog makes it a nice morning to write letters (this will probably be the only one, as usual, despite good intentions, it being 11:30 already), but since it has become a regular thing along the shore and frequently across the Bay as well, it has interfered somewhat with our flying. Still, we have been piling up the hours pretty well, often substituting dive or low level bombing inland or on the Bay respectively for gunnery off shore (only possible place for flying bullets).

I’m always interested to hear what goes on at the Ayer N.A.S. (correct name?) and of such things as the helldivers performing at the war bond show. I flew an SBD the other day and could hardly believe I wasn’t flying a toy aeroplane!

Last week-end I got down to Santa Barbara all right (about 8 hours), getting a last minute upper berth cancellation, as was also the case on returning. J.B. seemed in fair form though obviously discontented with life in general, for which no one could blame him. He works at the ration board, incidentally without pay, and of course finds it dull, though he admits not having minded instructing art at his old school when it was in session. Poor Joe, living in a small hotel room all by himself. His asthma apparently keeps him from getting a decent job. Too bad about teeth and muscles, which reminds me that a recent physical exam found me, fortunately enough, in fine shape and one rank higher (as of July 1).

That’s great about you and Great Neckers being able to go to Squam. I shall be impatient to hear all about it.

Noticed the sport news lately? Anderson seems to have beaten Haegy in two out of the three 1500 meter races lately, but lost out by a second in the fastest, the winning time of 3:43 being two seconds better than Anderson’s of last summer, four better than Lovelock’s old World and Olympic record and the only occasion anyone has run the “metric mile” at better than a four minute mile pace (3:59:3 if continued, which it almost undoubtedly couldn’t have been — so there, four minute mile prediction!).

Well, the sun is struggling with the fog and will probably have the upper hand for a few hours, so I think I’ll ease out to the beach again, grab a bite and then hire a bicycle. Movies tonight perhaps.



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