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[in different handwriting]
(about Nov. 24th,
probably from Pearl Harbor)
actually Hilo, Hawaii

Dear Folks,

“Oliver Wiswell” and to a much lesser degree “The Key Above the Door” (M. Walsh) have been partly responsible this time. The former, a significant book, seems to me, I managed to finish last night, the latter, delightful of course, tonight. Both, it’s fair to say to those on the short end of letters, are due back tomorrow, but probably something will be picked up to replace them and enable me to keep my own little stock of volumes unread a little longer.

About the Rector’s death one actually could say a lot, but with me the right words come with difficulty if at all. At least he had as full a life as perhaps has ever been lived by one of his calling. It must still have been a very great shock to you and the neighborhood of, especially to poor Cousin Fannie. I was interested to read reviews of Frank Ashburn’s book, but don’t quite figure out why he didn’t wait until the Rector’s death to write it, though perhaps it would have been only “moderate” anyway.

Tough luck about your hip, Pa. Perhaps it won’t be too bad. Admitted you have had about as active a life physically as most any man, but one would think you’d be allowed to taper off gradually.

Those pictures I apologize for, that is for what didn’t accompany them. They were the result of my clearing out my desk, though I had meant to send them before. A last uncensored letter was planned, but things moved so unexpectedly fast at the last that it didn’t materialize.

Poor Henry! It just doesn’t seem right. It isn’t.

I voted as you did, Ma, but could hardly decide even at the last moment. Let’s hope the results are for the best.

Yes, besides the package from you I’ve one each from Nance and Sabine. Letters? Most have come, I’m sure, and any that may be missing will pretty surely catch up. I’ve heard from Ham, Aunt Posy and Uncle J., all within the last few days.

Besides the usual thing from day to day I haven’t been doing much, but read. The other day, however, some of us went on a bus excursion to see some of the country, which is interesting. Some of the trees are very unusual looking, like the pandanus, and there are even tree ferns. Waterfalls are numerous and actually are best seen from the air. I’ve hardly had time for long walks, but have enjoyed a few short ones as well as even shorter runs and also an occasional tennis game. Our feed was last night and good. A while before we even had a leave!

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