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Feb. 22, ’45

Dear Folks,

Your letters keep coming, but I’m afraid mine have been rather few and far between going. I guess I’ve been lazy, but also haven’t realized how good mail facilities can be to and from fairly distant spots such as this. The Quarterly arrived not so long ago, for instance, and was most welcome. I read it all with much interest. It seems funny to have to go back more than ten classes from the last in Alumni Notes for news of one’s own form. Well, now one of us is 30 (I was the oldest who graduated, though both Satan and P. Alsop were (are) older. At 30 I find myself well except for a beastly cold (yes, even out here) and still with all my teeth and hair, though upon very close inspection it looks as if a very few of my many hairs are gray! Last Fall I could still chin myself 16 times, though I doubt if I could right now. Speaking of classmates, I ran into J. Roosevelt the other day, much to the surprise of us both.

A steak fry with beer is another fairly recent event, and that was between strolls in the vicinity that “netted” my first flying fox, a most amazing mammal, and excellent views of a pair of white terns. They are pure white except for black bills, blackish feet and very thin rings of black around black eyes (giving the appearance of largish black eyes), and with their typical long forked tails are unquestionably one of the most beautiful as well as graceful of all birds.

About the most recent movie I’ve seen (for a while we went almost every night to any one of a number of shows) is one of the best ever for action photography, “Fighting Lady,” the story, in authentic shots, of an Essex class carrier. I recommend it for the U.S. public, many of whom will probably get a chance to be thrilled by it, as we were.

Washington’s Birthday! I suppose the snow is deeper than ever. Many happy for tomorrow, Pa!



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