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March 13, 1945

Dear Folks,

I can’t keep up with you two! This answers your letters postmarked Feb. 19 and 26, Pa, and though yours, Ma, postmarked Feb. 20 somehow arrived soon enough to be answered by my last, two have already reached me since then, no. 23 correctly numbered by the way, and no. 24. The latter, you may be amused to know is dated inside, March 22 and postmarked, yes, postmarked, March 31! Another very recent letter is post-marked, probably correctly Nov. 27. It is a grand one from M.S., that was delayed at F.P.O. because someone stupid thought the 7 of VB–17 illegible.

Two more presents have arrived too, three pocket books almost minus their wrapping paper, from Aunt, and a birthday present from you, Pa—a very fine book. Mays seems to have done an excellent job, and I’m most grateful for something that fills what was a very empty space on my shelves. Already it has identified several doubtful species seen recently and put them in their proper family. Others whose families I was reasonably sure of, it has provided names for. Needless to say its usefulness will continue.

“That Vanishing Eden” is not only delightful, but of absorbing interest, as all true Floridians and many others should find. If only it had been written about three years ago! Yes, it makes me realize more than ever how much I missed in Florida. On the other hand it makes me appreciate what I did see all the more an also makes me look forward to the possibility of returning for further exploration of my own.

About “Helldiver Squadron,” the book about old VB–17, all I know is hearsay. Doug Yerxa (Dutch name) says that it isn’t a bad job considering the author never was aboard the ship with them and little more than met any of the boys except the intelligence officer, who supplied him the facts for his accounts. D. seems to think it might have most appeal to teen agers. Jack?

So Henry might be moving out soon? Too bad about the grippe or whatever it is, but I can’t see them leaving him behind on that account. His Christmas card arrived with the recent presents. Ham too? Yes, he mentioned the possibility to me in a recent letter, and it might very well be a good thing, though forlorn if he does go alone. Nance I’ve heard from recently enough to be given her new address. Maybe if she doesn’t like it, she’ll volunteer for overseas duty too!

No, I don’t pretend to be an expert stropper or shaver for that matter, not having used a straight for several years and never for long periods. The local barber put a new edge on my razor yesterday, and it certainly makes a difference, which is hardly surprising after two months of use and no care. The strop will be welcome. Meanwhile I continue trying to improve the more important technique!

Things continue about the same here. It’s warm, and exercise makes one sweat as if in a steam bath. Movies have not been outstanding lately, but they are the often welcome kind of entertainment that require no effort for one to enjoy. Books take more, at least to get started, but are of course worth more in the end. + +

I seem to be in pretty good shape these days.



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