Dive Bombers and Other Birds

Tudor Richards, USNR

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The next day I drove to June Lake and after eating supper at the lodge found I had lost my wallet, lost wallet which contained all my money, my car registration and my first bonus check. The management was very kind and offered me a living room sofa for the night, and I even found an abandoned bed there, the whole place being in the midst of a change of furniture. The next day I wrote the management a check, put up notices but had no luck and had to continue on my way walletless. I got to Yosemite Yosemite via Tioga Pass, but was so discouraged with my fellow man’s dishonesty, etc., that I felt lonely and far from home and didn’t enjoy the scenery much. The financial situation, however, looked hopeful after telegrams home and to the bank, and sure enough I found a healthy cache waiting for me in Oakland.

Again I stayed with the Lloyds several days before hitting the road, but when I left this time, it was really for home, if still rather indirectly. White pelicans pelicans
in the marshes at the head of the bay delayed me a while, but I was well in the heart of the redwood country before dark. Smoke from forest fires filled the air everywhere, and there were some little fires right by the road as well as some more serious recent burns. I spent the night under a magnificant grove of redwoods right by the road. The next morning I stopped to visit the tallest known tree tallest
in the World, a magnificent redwood measured as 364' some years ago, but a much less massive tree than some others broken at the top. Turning inland at Crescent City I missed Shasta, but that enabled me to get almost to Crater Lake Crater
before it got too late, and I spent the night in the adjacent national forest. The lake was pretty well shrouded with clouds the next morning, so I didn’t linger around. Picking a road that didn’t look too bad on the map and which would have taken me by several little lakes, I soon found I had made a ghastly mistake. The road got rougher and rougher and slowed progress more and more, and the only car met put me into a soft shoulder, from which pushing by husky members of the other party barely extricated me. The only way I could return the favor was telling them that they were on the wrong road! Eventually I reached the main highway on the east side of the Cascades, and the weather got progressively better going north. There were fairly good views of Mt. Jefferson and then Mts. Jeffer-
son & Hood
magnificent views of Mt. Hood, which I passed very close to when turning west to Portland, there to dine and sleep.