Dive Bombers and Other Birds

Tudor Richards, USNR

“Pages … mentioning birds, other natural history subjects, countryside, scenery, etc.”

Soloing 14 over Boston Harbor and drumlin islands from the air.
First 17 new bird species.
Stone 20–21 Mt., Ga. and more new birds.
First 23 impression of Florida.
Woodland 25–26 haunts on N.A.S. Jacksonville.
Spring 40–45 migration, etc.
First 65–66 bicycle trip 6/22/42 and more new birds.
Mayport 76 with friends.
Canoe 77 trip.
Royal 85–86 Palms and Frank Chapman; mangroves.
Tamiami 87 birds.
St. John’s 92–94 River trees, birds, and otters.
Bike 94–97 trips.
Butterflies, 99–102 shells.
Glenview, 107 Ill.—Cape May warbler & sora.
108 Leave in Groton, incl. bicycle & train trip to Squam. 132 warbler songs in Groton.
119–127 Bicycle trips from Daytona, raft trip on St. John’s, Sanibel, Clearwater, leave Groton.
127 Coronado birds, Cal.
131 Countryside around S.F. Bay from the air.
131–135 Mt. Shasta climb.
136–137 Pelagic birds seen from small carrier.
138–143 Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa, volcano craters, Hawaiian honey creeper.
145 Guam birds, etc.
146 Mog Mog, Ulithi atoll—Love Tern & flying fox.
165–166 Ulithi & Mog Mog again—coral reef fishes, crab.
168 Terrain of Kyushu, incl. live volcano, forests.
170 Typhoon.
171–174 Leyte & Samar, Philippinesbirds, countryside.
175–176 Heading home, leave in Groton & Squam, then back to West Coast.
177–180 Terminal leave. Bought 1937 Ford coupe, then, after visiting Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, climbed Mt. Whitney, then highest peak in U.S. Yosemite next.
181 Starting home from S.F. Bay via redwoods, Crater Lake.
182–183 Olympics, Lakes Coeur d’Alene, Pend Oreille & Flathead, etc.
183 Glacier Nat’l Park.
184 Stops in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Dayton, Morgantown to see friends and Washington to see A.H.R before [getting home].
201—207 List of life birds added 1941–45.