Dive Bombers and Other Birds

Tudor Richards, USNR

Pages in “Dive Bombers and Other Birds” of most interest re flying
(confined to flying and related events)

Soloing 14–15 in N3N’s over Boston Harbor and first news of Pearl Harbor, Fall ’41.
Stunting 30–31 in yellow perils, a new activity, now at Jacksonville, Fla.
First 36–38 night flying & formation flying (in little low-wing monoplanes)
Intermediate 45–46 squadron, in SNJs, soloing in same a thrill.
Then 47–48 more advanced formation flying in OS2U Kingfisher land planes, up to 9 plane formations.
Instrument flying, 49 incl. flying beams (p. 52).
Operational 53–54 training, first in small N3N seaplanes, then (bottom of p. 55) in Kingfisher seaplanes.
Navigation flights 57 p. 57, gunnery p. 59, dive bombing p. 60, catapults p. 61
Ensigns 66 & naval aviators designated Aug 21, ’42.
Night 78 catapult shots.
Change 81–83 to carrier type planes in Miami area. 87–88 near disaster.
Instructing 88 dive bombing in old biplane “Helldivers.” Hole in clouds p. 90–91.
Students 102–106 once more for operational training at Daytona in SBD “Dauntless” dive bombers, the heros of Midway, including first carrier landings & take-offs.
Instructing 111 students — instrument flying, dive bombing, night flying, etc.
Ferry 117–119 flights.
Orders 127 to West Coast, joining Squadron VB–17, May 1 at Alameda, Cal., flying SB2C Helldivers. 130 Dive bombing in same.
First 136–137 landings and take-offs at sea.
Off 137 to Hawaii. 138 Flying there.
Air 142–143 show with old Saratoga.
Guam 143 & flight in Hellcat fighter.
Boarded 145 Hornet in Ulithi atoll, in Caroline Islands, the flagship of Task Group 58.1 in Task Force 58, the main striking force of the U.S. Navy.
First 148–150 all U.S. Navy attack on Japan proper, 2/16–17/45, on Honshu, with views of Mt. Fuji.
Attacks 150–151 on Iwo Jima, Miyake Jima.
Return 152 to Ulithi. Kamikaze attack on Randolph.
Strikes 153 on Kyushu, Okinawa, etc.
Patrol frigate destroyed156–157.
Tragedy 159–161.
Yamato 161–163 destroyed.
Close 164 call from Kamikaze.
Kyushu 167–169 again.
Okinawa 169–170 again & other islands.
Typhoon 170 & last strike. Philippines, then home.