Dive Bombers and Other Birds

Four Years
of an
Ornithological Naval Dive Bomber Pilot
During World War II

Tudor Richards, USNR

These documents are neither TR’s wartime letters nor his memoir, but are nevertheless related to his wartime service.


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1947 VB 17 Almanac
names and addresses of seventeen members of TR’s Hornet squadron, with brief accounts of their current status.
citation for TR’s second DFC
DFC = Distinguished Flying Cross.
letter of TR to Groton School Quarterly
This undated letter’s content indicates that it was written in 2007. It concerns two Quarterly articles, one about land conservation and one about aristocratic aviators of World War I.
letter from Phil Field, April 24, 1943
letter from Phil Field, May 19, 1943
letter from Joe Bradley, July 30, 1943
letter from Frank McCarney, 1945
TR & Leland Ives   Photo of TR and his aircrewman, Leland Ives, standing in front of an SB2C Helldiver.
TR 1945   TR in uniform, standing in front of an unidentified car.
list of books read by TR
Notice of Separation
photo of TR with OS2U Kingfisher
TR's service record
painting of kamikaze attack on Hornet    
1995 letter of TR to brother Hamilton
answering a question about TR’s involvement in the kamikaze attack