Letters of Tudor Richards
date TR's notes* scan transcription
1944.01.15 Daytona HHR&JCR Re going with Russ Keller to a cocktail party and meeting some very young ladies. Also about sending some lost wings to another naval aviator, who had been assigned overseas but whose mother sent T.R. a pair of “gold” cufflinks as a token of appreciation. pdf html
1944.01.26 Daytona HHR&JCR [Sore throat. Signs of spring. Ezio Pinza concert. Wacs replaced by Waves. Hellcat and SB2A not flown.] pdf html
1944.02.07 Daytona HHR&JCR Re being asked to help form and train a Squadron; Prof. Oakes Ames pdf html
1944.03.14 Daytona HHR&JCR After a visit by his parents (HHR & JCR). pdf html
1944.03.26 Daytona HHR&JCR [This letter lacks TR’s customary sign-off, suggesting that it’s missing one or more pages at the end.] pdf html
1944.05.02 Alameda HHR&JCR Arrvied on West Coast. San Diego, then Alameda. Archie Coolidge. pdf html
1944.05.09 Alameda HHR&JCR Comparing SBD (Douglas “Dauntless”) & SB2C (Curtis “Helldiver”). Rather brief. pdf html
1944.05.15 Alameda HHR&JCR [SB2C Helldiver compared with SBD Dauntless. Visit to Muir Woods.] pdf html
1944.05.23 Alameda HHR&JCR [Baggage finally arrives. Dive bombing in SB2C is tiring. Dinners ashore. Vist to Stinson Beach.]


pdf html
1944.06.10 Grays’ HHR&JCR [At the Grays’ listiening to Brahms and Beethoven. Visit with Mrs. Maillard. to dance with a friend’s daughter. Dive bombing accuracy improves.] pdf html
1944.06.21 Alameda HHR&JCR Formation flying; organization of air group. Charles Farrell. Some impossible sentences. pdf html
1944.07.03 Vernalis HHR&JCR [Description of N.A.A.S. Vernalis. Mostly night hops, including over SF Bay. Climb of a nearby 2000-ft mountain, detailed descriptions of jack rabbits and birds. Squadron leadership described.] pdf html
1944.07.15 Grays’ HHR&JCR [Working schedule described. Flying hours building despite fog. Flying an SBD feels like a toy compared with SB2C. Trip to Santa Barbara, seeing J.B. Talk of 1500-meter race in sports news.] pdf html
1944.07.27 Alameda HHR&JCR [Arrival of Pacific World spurs speculation about coming voyage across the Pacific. Reference to “the big explosion.” Plans for entertainment. Scores five bulls-eyes in dive-bombing contest.] pdf html
1944.08.06 Alameda HHR&JCR [Going to sea put off. Continuing training includes gunnery exercises. Attended a performance of “The Merry Widow” and Beethoven concerts. Bike ride up 1750-ft Round Top. Night flying.] pdf html
1944.08.15 at sea on a “baby flat-top” HHR&JCR Practice carrier landings on a “jeep” carrier off the Golden Gate & pelagic birds. Good bike ride. pdf html
1944.09.04 Alameda HHR&JCR [Comments on news from home, and Normany invasion. Bicycle trips, shore birds seen.] pdf html
1944.09.23 Alameda HHR&JCR [Comments on family news. Reflections on the departure of Ben and Joanna Rea, British evacuee children who had been staying with TR's parents, leading into comments on British attitudes and military poerformance.] pdf html
1944.10.06 Alameda HHR&JCR re climb up Mt. Shasta on short leave before going overseas. 25 pages; interesting account not too badly written. It begins on p. 9 pdf html
1944.10.17 an unnamed U.S. N.A.A.S in Nevada HHR&JCR Mentions Air Group Commander Konrad. Also about books read. pdf html
1944.11.12 Hilo, Hawaii HHR&JCR Voyage to Hawaii and pelagic birds pdf html
1944.11.24 Hilo, Hawaii HHR&JCR [reading, death of Endicott Peabody, mail, Hawaii sightseeing] pdf html
1944.12.06 Hilo, Hawaii. HHR&JCR Trips to look for birds etc. Confusing since it mentions possible future duty in the States. pdf html
1944.12.14 Hawaii HHR&JCR [not very interesting, presumably because of censorship] pdf html
1944.12.25 At sea HHR&JCR At sea between Hawaii and Guam. Constellations. pdf html


Alameda U.S. Naval Air Station, Alameda, CA
Atlanta U.S. Naval Reserve Air Base, Atlanta, GA
Daytona U.S. Naval Air Station, Daytona Beach, FL
Grays’ the Horace Grays’ apartment in San Francisco
Vernalis U.S. Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Vernalis, CA

Key to letters’ recipients

relationship to TR
HHR Henry Howe Richards 1876–1968 father
JCR Julia (Coolidge) Richards 1889–1961 mother

TR’s notes

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